Our well diversified Board consists of 2 members, Executive Directors.

To assist the Directors in the discharge of their functions, Clear terms of references are created and assigned to respective directors.

These are:

  • Audit & Compliance
  • Finance & Logistics
  • Domestic Operations
  • International Operations

Monthian Saosiri has a distinctive capacity to operate as one company even though it is highly diversified across various locations and products.

Our ability to have a highly coordinated, cross functional and high performance organisation is driven by the way our Corporate Centre integrates our multiple businesses, geographies and functions.

The Corporate Centre catalyses the integration of a multi business company like ours by developing a shared vision and agenda, installing common operating systems and embedding a common culture across the organisation.

So, because of these shared systems, processes and culture, the whole of Monthian Saosiri is significantly greater than the sum of its parts.